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Italtel, the power of Innovation


Italtel is on the customers’ side. Italtel is the partner of choice of operators and enterprises to design, develop and manufacture products and solutions for next generation telecommunications networks and services based on the IP Protocol.

Its technological leadership, deriving from constant commitment to R&D, allowed Italtel to add to its traditional role of provider of networks for telcooperators worldwide a further role of innovative vendor and system integrator of ICT solutions.

Present in Italy in the sites of Milan, Rome and Palermo, Italtel also has offices in South America - Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia - and in EMEA - Spain, France, Germany, Poland - as well as important commercial presence in Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Turkey, Belgium.

Strongly focused on innovation, Italtelgives a relevant contribution to the development of telecommunications in Italy and worldwide. The companyis constantly investing in certification programs for its resources on key ICT technologies such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, EMC, Cordys, Infoblox, Oracle, Sophos, Vblock , Linkra.

We are looking for competent and enthusiastic people with a strong attitude for innovation to be applied both in technology and in business areas and that are able to put their talent at the customer’s disposal.

If you wish to join us, create your profile to Work@Italtel.
Your profile and data will be closely examined and archived in our systems. Our HR professionals will contact you in case an opportunity occurs that matches with your profile.


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