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TELCO over the Top

More and more users have multiple devices (smartphones, laptops and other connected devices such as TVs and games consoles) with various access providers (especially with the increase of public-access Wi-Fi). The availability of high-performance fixed and mobile broadband networks, as well as the rapid growth of multiplicity of services, devices, networks, ecosystems and interactions, stimulates the delivery of consistent telco-branded services over third-party access.

Telco over the top (Telco-OTT) is a response to this need.
Service Providers have certain key factors to succeed: Organization & Governance: Network Awareness; and Design and Synergies between multiple contexts help to compete with the vast and growing range of OTT services provided by non-telco companies.

Italtel has developed proprietary Telco-OTT solutions to enable Service Providers to introduce new business models and to enter new market segments by providing an application-centric solution.
Italtel’s Telco-OTT offer helps Service Providers to unify the telco and web domains; enlarge their offer in terms of new services; launch their own Internet-like services to target new markets and new customers; extend value of existing services; and retain customers.

In particular, Italtel’s WebRTC Based Multimedia Communication solution allows Service Providers to exploit NFV and SDN concepts for optimal implementation of WebRTC-based OTT- style services, using their own brand by offering a Basic feature set for all users and a Premium feature set only for Service Providers’ own subscribers.

The main benefits are:

  • Subscription open to the world (through self-provisioning)
  • Service platform costs mainly paid by online advertising and extra bundle fees

Italtel's Telco Over the Top Solution is

WebRTC Based Multimedia Communication

For further info marketing_communication@italtel.com



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