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Smart Networks

A new generation network has become mandatory for Service Providers that want to support the market trend evolution and intend to create new revenue streams. Application-aware networks are needed to provide the capability to “smartly” manage new services, thus enhancing flexibility and enabling the competition with Over-The-Top (OTT) players.

Service Providers basically need a “Smart Network”, capable to adapt itself dynamically, in order to guarantee the required Quality of Experience to the service consumer, while optimizing the exploited resources and reducing expenses. Network configuration and traffic management are supposed to be modified according to analysis and correlations on transport, routing and application parameter scollected in real-time.

An architectural simplification, starting from IP and optical layers integration, can be the foundation of the network evolution. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)functionalities can help identifying specific traffic flows to be properly redirected. On top of these functions, network programmability brings intelligence and flexibility to current networks lacking of reacting capabilities. Dynamic information, collected from live networks, are combined with more static data (user profiles, application requirements, policies), thus enabling dynamic runtime reaction to complex/events patterns. The new paradigm of Software Defining Networking (SDN) allows the creation of policies on different network layers.

Italtel can help Service Providers to undertake a seamless migration path towards a Smart Network, leveraging its long-term experience on networks and relevant operations, together with its strong partnerships with the most innovative and flexible technology vendors.

Italtel's Smart Network solutions are:

IP and Transport Network

Network Programmability and Software Defined Networking


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