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Quality of Experience

The increasing growth of network traffic, mainly based on new services and video contents, is becoming a point of attention for Service Providers: they need to manage this traffic explosion, at the same time assuring a suitable Quality of Experience (QoE) to their customers.

To face this challenge, Operators need to implement "aware-application networks”, thus optimizing the allocation of resources, according to the provided services, and defining appropriate policies to guarantee the "Quality of Service" (QoS).

The correct network design is the first unavoidable pillar for granting the QoE: applying QoS policies the Operators can decide to preserve some services in place of others. Even if strictly needed, the implementation of appropriate QoS polices is not enough, considering that all the QoS policies are exclusively applicable within the boundaries of Operator’s networks.

The second pillar is related to the proximity of the content to the point where it will be enjoyed. Content Delivery Network and Transparent Caching solutions work on contents availability, making contents available “as close as possible”. Bandwidth requirements are very challenging, particularly in a mobile context, so it’s important to provide video and web bandwidth optimization.

Given a long-term experience in designing and implementing IP networks, Italtel has a deep understanding of the protocols needed to build up the right environment for QoE compliance

In the last years, Italtel has enforced its knowledge on solutions working at Content level, also developing vertical tools for QoE Active Monitoring, emulating end-user experience through traffic injection, and  predictive analysis, integrating data collected from the network, in order to prevent customer claims and develop suitable network planning. An end-to-end portfolio of professional services completes the picture.

Italtel's Quality of Experience solutions are:

Quality of Experience Optimization and Acceleration

Active Monitoring

Network Analytics

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