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Next Generation Data Center

In today market scenario, ICT efficiency and flexibility have become absolutely essential to shorten the time-to-market and enhance business agility. Cloud Computing is the answer to these requirements, enabling ICT functions to align quickly with business needs, driving the change from static traditional “on premises” to agile “on consumption” service models. Risk reduction is as well achieved by converting CapEx to OpEx.

Service and Cloud Providers are matching these needs by providing innovative Cloud Services to their Business customers. Traditional Telco Operators can catch this paradigm shift as a great opportunity to create new business models and innovative solutions, thus avoiding being flattened on pure connectivity offer.

A fundamental prerogative for successful Cloud Services delivery is the implementation of Next Generation Data Centers (NGDC) capable to guarantee high levels of performance and flexibility, coupled with a highly efficient underlying IP infrastructure that must be tightly integrated.

According to this scenario, Service Providers that offer also network connectivity can have a competitive advantage against pure Over-the-Top (OTT) players, equipping their facilities with NGDC infrastructures needed to actually supply services, at the same time keeping the control of the whole end-to-end infrastructure needed to guarantee service quality.

Italtel, leader in the Telecommunications market, is since decades focused on building reliable and secure network and IT infrastructures. The 360° experience developed with Italian and International Service Providers qualifies Italtel as a reference system integrator for solutions enabling Cloud Services.

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