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Interconnect Solutions

Starting from TDM to IP network conversion, where IP islands spotted in a sea of circuitry, NGN and IMS networks have been deployed leading to a pervasive IP peering. 

Besides, IP interconnections are increasing among Operators and Enterprises, not only for VoIP and new multimedia end-to-end IP services  (OTT apps, web 2.0 communication, also based on webRTC), but also for the LTE deployments and VoLTE acceleration towards “all IP”, introducing new challenges in media connection, signaling interoperability and network protection.

Italtel’s solutions allow high performances in network interoperability thanks to effective functionalities for signalling and media management, flexible and intelligent routing, security and IP multimedia services support, ensuring regulatory and 3GPP compliance.
All the solutions are deployable over virtualized platforms, thus avoiding – where applicable – dedicated HW resources and enabling very light TCO figures.

The solutions are based on Italtel’s products: NetMatch-S, the Session Border Controller, NetMatch-M, the Media and Signalling Gateway, i-RPS, the Routing and Policy Server and i-MCS, the IMS/NGN Core and Border Suite.
NetMatch-S and i-RPS enable the Policy Powered Interconnection solution and IP NNI solution, addressing all routing and policy processing required for optimal IP-IP interconnection.
NetMatch-M allows interworking with circuit switching networks, under control by i-MCS.
The resulting solution provides a fully IMS compliant network (IMS Transit and Roaming), including all functionalities to perform IP NNI solution and evolving to VoLTE.  NetMatch-S and i-RPS also provide Enhanced SIP Trunking services to Enterprises.

Italtel's Interconnect Solutions are:

TDM & IP - Transit and Interconnect

All - IP Interconnection 

Policy Powered Interconnection





























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