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Smart Grid

Existing electricity distribution networks in medium and low voltage will undergo a gradual transformation to the so-called "Smart Grids", i.e. to power grids that integrate innovative control and protection components (sensors, controllers, actuators) and ICT, to allow more efficient operation and management.

The new "Smart" distribution networks must have the ability to integrate an increasing amount of energy sources spread on the territory (Distributed Energy Resources) directing and managing all the problems of an electric network in which the energy injected can result in excess of that absorbed by the loads. In such network, the operator of the distribution network (DSO - Distribution System Operator) is required the ability to directly control power flows.

Operating and managing an "active" distribution network requires, in addition to innovation and the strengthening of the electricity grid, also, and above all, the deployment of new infrastructures and telecommunication technologies at all levels of the network.

A objective of DSOs is the realization of a broadband telecommunication network with low latency, capable of supporting the IEC61850standard communication protocols in a LAN and in a WAN area on a private and / or public network. It is also a key element in an "active" network management in which it is essential to communicate with the control center and with electrical substations, power sources throughout the area, controllable passive loads, energy storage systems and re-charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, as well as advanced metering infrastructures and energy management systems to implement demand response strategies.

Italtel's Smart Grid Solution is

Smart Grid Communication


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