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Data Analytics

The modern digitized world is creating and capturing data in every sector, in every economy, in every organization and user of digital technology. Companies generate everyday an increasing volume of transactional data with information about their customers, suppliers, and operations. Consumers on their side are shifting everyday life activities over the internet and their new ways of communicating, buying sharing and discovering create everyday enormous volumes of data and contribute to the amount of big data available. Furthermore, the new wave of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications services is underpinning the deployment of millions of sensors that sense, create and communicate data.

Enterprises across every sector are looking at the phenomenon of big data as an opportunity to extract valuable insight about their customers and to create products that better fit to their needs. The can leverage on new technologies available for high-volume data management and advanced analytics in order to transform data in actionable insights.

Italtel helps organizations to organize and analyze their data in a manner that produces relevant information for decision making as well as for targeting products and services with unprecedented specificity. Italtel solutions are based on best of breeds technologies coupled with a broad range of services from consulting, to implementation to operation services.

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Smart Data Analytics for Utilities


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