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Smart Collaboration

Globalization requires deep changes in the world of work. To allow an increase in competitivity, the nature of the enterprise must evolve towards greater organizational and logistic flexibility. Technological innovation can support this evolution.

By deciding to implement a solution of "Smart Collaboration", a company provides itself with the most advanced tools of communication and gives its employees the opportunity to access business data and applications at any time, anywhere. Moreover, it enables more effective methods of managing relationships with stakeholders, from customers and suppliers.

Investment in Smart Collaboration allows an enterprise to raise levels of productivity, to streamline business processes and to reduce costs (travel expenses, costs of interconnection). The savings obtained may represent the first form of incentive and financing, thus establishing a virtuous cycle.

A company which sets out on the path to Smart Collaboration must have by its side a partner like Italtel who has the expertise on all technologies involved and who is able to offer an end-to-end integrated vision.

Italtel is the ideal partner to identify needs, design architectures, arrange the details of the project, select the most appropriate technologies, put them into operation and ensure provision of the service over time. Italtel is also able to offer a company products and services to check the Quality of Service provided by the operator.

Italtel's Smart Collaboration solutions are:

Collaboration At Work

Unified Communication & Collaboration

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Solution

Interactive Enterprise

Enterprise Mobility

SIP Trunking and adavanced voice routing


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