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Managed Services


Given the present competitive scenario, both Service Providers and Enterprises need to preserve profitability by focusing on core business and leaning towards lowered and more flexible expenses.
TLC networks and IT services are key strategic assets able to boost competitive value, but their growing complexity requires increasing skills and capabilities, that can be effectively found on the outside.
Service Providers and Enterprises can therefore evaluate the opportunity to implement an Outsourcing or Managed Services strategy, thus improving processes and achieving a reduction of personnel costs.
As far as a reliable and efficient partner is identified, outsourcing of Surveillance, Operations, Security and Maintenance functions can be applied both to network infrastructures and IT systems(including applications and databases).


Outsourcing their network and IT management services, Service Providers and Enterprises can enhance their business flexibility, while improving cost visibility and control. At the same time they can carry out a CapEx to OpEx conversion, reducing the overall operational complexity. Quality of Service can be as well improved, as far as a fully dedicated skilled team of professionals is committed.
Italtel can offer a rich suit of Managed Services both to Service Provider and to Enterprise customers, given a unique set of competences acquired conceiving, deploying, operating and supporting some of the most innovative multi-vendor TLC/IT infrastructures worldwide.
Italtel Managed Services can range from network surveillance, up to application control and service management, with partial or full coverage of Fulfillment, Assurance and Security topics. Starting from customer requirements, the service deliverables are defined and agreed with precise KPIs and SLAs.

Technical Description

Italtel can provide 24h x 7d Managed Services, either directly on customer’s NOC or leveraging Italtel Service Center, located close to Milan, Italy. Network services are compliant to ISO 27001 standard, while IT services are compliant to ITIL v3.
To ensure network and IT availability the suite of Assurance services includes: Monitoring and Alarm Surveillance; Fault Management supporting troubleshooting, possibly using probes; Claim Management, to track and resolve Customer Care events; Field Support for on-site activities, including Spare Part handling.
Italtel can provide as well Application Support and IT system administration, in terms of operating system, database, middleware management.
Italtel catalogue includes other advanced Managed Services: network and service creation, planning, engineering and quality verification; customer provisioning; accounting data control for billing purposes; testing and validation of new devices and services, Security Management.

Italtel's Managed Service solutions are:

Italtel's Managed WiFi

Italtel’s Managed Services for Cisco HCS

Managed Security Services

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