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Infrastructure Creation


To raise competitiveness, both Telco Operators and Enterprises need to enhance their network and IT services, by deploying new equipment or strengthening the existing ones.

Since there are several different typologies of Sites dedicated to host TLC and IT equipment (POPs, plants, street cabinets, Data Centers, Network Operation Centers, etc.), Operators and Enterprises need to rely on specialized partners to perform Site Facility creation and upgrade activities, from room readiness assessment to compliancy verification.
The evolution in terms of dimensions, performances and power consumption of the hosted TLC/IT equipment, together with the strong demand for data processing, requires an accurate Infrastructure facility creation. In fact, infrastructures of existing plants, sites and data rooms are often not equipped to efficiently contain, power and cool the devices and servers needed to provide the new services.


Operators and Enterprises can take advantage of an external specialized support, in order to match specific requirements with plant design and site preparation.
An optimized Infrastructure Creation enables CapEx reduction, leveraging scale economies and maximizing the performances. OpEx reduction is achieved by means of higher energetic efficiency. The optimized design elevates as well flexibility, thus reducing time-to-market.
Italtel Infrastructure Creation services provide customers with a turn-key solution: from service assessment to design, implementation and optimization of plants and data centers. Italtel, as a single-point-of-contact for the overall activity, guarantees the best coordination and management levels. Thanks to its consolidated experience in TLC/IT infrastructure creation, Italtel is the ideal partner for the optimization of existing plants and the realization of new ones.

Technical Description

Italtel Infrastructure Creation services are based on a centralized resource pool, in charge of working plan definition, on-site activities coordination, materials handling and permissions management. The team may be supported by certificated partners for on-site interventions.
Infrastructure Creation starts with Site Analysis, a capacity and efficiency assessment of the current facilities. The Design plan includes a feasibility study with system layout and dimensioning, taking into account the needed redundancy levels. Implementation time and costs are evaluated as well.
The Infrastructure is then built or adapted, in terms of civil works (floating floors, false ceilings, lightning, electric and data cabling) and utilities (energy and cooling systems, power generator, access control system, fire prevention system). Finally, data racks and TLC/IT equipment are installed, cabled and tested. Italtel provides the plant certification.

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