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Deployment Services


A set of high-quality Deployment Services enables Service Providers and Enterprises to build, expand or modernize any network and IT infrastructure successfully. The most accurate design is useless, without taking care of the delivery and implementation process.
Deployment goals have to be carefully agreed between the Client and the System Integrator that is designated to provide the service. Scalability might be the challenge in developing markets, while cost-efficiency and ARPU are the main objectives in mature markets.
A qualified, experienced Project Manager can often mean the difference between success and failure of a project. The more complex and critical is the project, the more crucial a qualified Project Manager becomes. Network and IT projects often present such specificities and technical complexities, that the competences of a general purpose Project Manager become nearly worthless.


Both network and IT domains can take advantage of high-quality Deployment Services. Higher speed in building and expanding network and IT systems shortens the time-to-market. High-grade implementations maximize the lifespan of infrastructures and installed equipment, thus reducing costs.
Italtel can provide first-class Deployment Services to deliver turn-key multi-vendor network and IT solutions. Italtel profitable methodology originates from its consolidated experience in building the most innovative telecommunication networks worldwide. Italtel Deployment Services are modular and flexible, in order to satisfy both cost-saving needs and time-sensitive requirements.
To maximize the success ratio of implementation activities, Italtel Project Managers add specific capabilities to typical PM skills (e.g.: the ability to talk to field engineers, understanding detailed technical issues; the capability to disclose and manage hidden costs).

Technical Description

Italtel Deployment Services start with the overall Project Plan, including: targets identification, detailed tasks definition, resources allocation. After site survey, Design documents are drawn to describe installation, configuration and testing guidelines. Finally, the actual implementation is performed, from equipment installation (HW delivery, physical installation, cabling) to Commissioning (basic configuration, equipment and integration testing, customer acceptance).
The entire rollout is supervised by a Project Manager, according to Project Management Institute (PMI) approach. The PM is in charge for deployment integrity, from the Customer commitment to the solution ignition, checking project tasks, monitoring the overall plan, resolving issues, coordinating Safety compliances and providing reports.
On demand, Staging Service can be provided, consisting in the pre configuration and testing activity, carried out in Italtel’s test labs.

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