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Implementation Services


The Mobile, Video and Cloud trends are changing the TLC/IT world. To gain competitive advantage, both Telco Operators and Enterprises need to provide their external or internal customers with easy and scalable access to feature-rich added-value services. Therefore, strategies are ongoing to enhance Data Centers and to deploy broadband access, both via wired Optical networks and via wireless 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

Operators and Enterprises need to rely on specialized partners to implement network and IT solutions. Italtel is the ideal partner, providing high-quality Implementation Services, by leveraging its core competences, in terms of multi-technology solutions Deployment and site facility Creation.

Italtel implementation methodology encompasses: activity planning and scheduling, materials handling, project management, site survey, installation, commissioning, staging and reporting. All that is achieved relying on web-based information systems and highly qualified partners to cover all the geography.

Italtel can support Operators in deploying and extending Optical access networks, with particular reference to cabinets and active equipment installation and user connection to the street distribution frame. Mobile Operators can take advantage of Italtel professional services in enhancing cell sites and migrating towards 4G networks. Italtel can carry out the cut-over to IP connectivity and perform call, hand-over, speed and radio link tests.

Italtel can provide Enterprises with Wi-Fi radio survey and tuning; the service can be useful both before and after the deployment, to test and overcome possible interferences and lack of coverage.

Italtel's Implementation  Services are:

Deployment Services

Infrastructure Creation


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