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The overwhelming pace in technology change raises the need for knowledge care. The diffusion of new devices, tools and applications requires higher know-how, both to improve the end-user experience and to ease ICT management and operations.

Therefore, Service Providers and Enterprises need to set-up organizational change and involve partners, vendors and advisors, in order to grant an effective knowledge transfer. Nevertheless, since in today’s business environment budgets are being squeezed, it may be difficult to get the staff trained on new technologies, because of the reduced available allocations.
A structured training plan must be devised, starting from the following elements:

  • business needs analysis;
  • staff’s knowledge gap evaluation;
  • agreed goals achievement checking, by means of Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  •  cost optimization.


Apparently, there is a strong correlation between organizational success and investment in knowledge and learning.More skillful employees and technicians help to improve productivity and performance level, saving time and money, reducing error rates, decreasing wastes in production of goods and services. These benefits translate into financial savings and higher profits, thanks to increased customer and employee retention rates, reduced time-to-market, better goods and service quality.
Italtel Learning Services offerings are designed to support the customers in achieving these goals. To help Service Providers and Enterprises to acquire the needed technical know-how quickly and in a cost-effective way, Italtel has implemented several ways to provide training: traditional classroom model, remote training, On-the-Job-Training (OJT) and know-how transfer.

Technical Description

Italtel can provide Learning Services either directly to its customers (Service Providers and Enterprises), or through Channel Partners, both on Italian and international market.
Italtel, leveraging itslong-term experiencein implementing networks and IT solutions, can carry out customized, modular and efficiency-oriented formative projects: courses, OJT and know-how transfers are expressly designed for each customer and solution, considering also budget-optimization, schedule and business goals. The catalogue includes:

  •  Classroom trainings, provided either at Italtel’s or  Customer’s premises;
  •  Distance learning sessions, provided by means of  TelePresence or Video Conferences;
  •  On-the-Job-Trainings, provided at Customer’s premises;
  •  Know-How Transfers (basically, a comprehensive combination of theoretical training and OJT), provided at Customer’s premises.

Learning Services can be supplied both in English and Italian language.

For further info marketing_communication@italtel.com

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