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Network Migration


Service Providers and Enterprises are continuously looking for methods to improve business efficacy while reducing costs.

Migrate a legacy communication network to an all-IP-based infrastructure has been proven to be a highly effective way to reduce operating costs enabling -at the same time- the implementation of new business models. In particular, Operators’ expectation is to quickly increase revenues leveraging the new services provided by IP-based Networks (NGN and /or IMS).
Due to dimension and complexity of the activity, a strong risk management strategy is required in order to reduce the impacts of migration risks as well as to manage untimely events. To dominate the complexity of a migration project, assuring high successful chances, it is crucial to rely on a partner that have proven experiences in leading migration programs and activities.


Migrating to all-IP network infrastructures both Service Providers and Enterprises can benefit of better efficiency and cost effectiveness; thanks to consolidation on a unique standard technology, Operating Expenses dedicated to maintenance and interconnection can be significantly reduced.
On the other hand, an increase of the available bandwidth can be reached and hence used for additional Value Added Services to be provided to internal or external customers. Scalability and business agility are as well improved.
Italtel can provide end-to-end Migration Services in multi-vendor context, leveraging a proven international expertise. The successful migration of all network services and relevant risk minimization is achieved taking into account all the involved technical aspects (routing, numbering, provisioning, billing, etc.). Customers can benefit of OpEx reduction thanks to high-skilled, dedicated, Italtel resources.

Technical Description

Italtel, as a Global Solution Integrator, can provide a complete bundle of Migration Services to support the Customers on a smooth path towards all-IP network. Italtel has all the know-how needed to manage the transition between different vendors’ technologies, to implement the inter-working between IP and legacy networks and to support the integration within the existing OSS/BSS environment.
The Migration Services can be seen as a smooth process encompassing the traditional Plan, Design, Implement, and Optimize phases: starting from Network assessment, proceeding with the definition of a migration procedure, ending with the actual implementation and supervision.
Customers can take advantage of Italtel expert teams, who will have an intimate knowledge of their technical and business needs and who will work jointly with them during all migration process phases.

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