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Session Border Controllers


The creation of IP communication network oasis causes service delivery problems, generally related to network interoperability, quality of service (QoS) management and security.
Session Border Controllers (SBCs) offer Service Providers a set of functions to enable separated VoIP networks to connect securely and cost-effectively, without compromising quality; SBCs perform session management, supporting Service Providers in applying policies (such as for bandwidth management for video calls), controlling session routing, ensuring interoperability across multivendor communications environments, and integrating applications with communications services.
Also Enterprises adopt SBCs, for topology hiding (protecting premises equipment), interoperability between different IP-PBXs and Unified Communication solutions, applying policy and ensuring security.

Italtel launched its SBC NetMatch-S products in 2011, as a key element in Italtel solutions for reliable communication designed for both Service Providers (e.g. All IP Network Interconnection, TDM-IP Transit and Interconnection, User-to-Network Interconnection, Policy Powered Interconnection, Telco-OTT) and Enterprises (e.g. SIP Business Trunking and Advanced Voice Routing).

NetMatch-S is a good opportunity for differentiating services solutions and strongly reducing OpEx; in fact, NetMatch-S plays the role of Adaptive Dynamic Media Termination Function, providing centrally managed signaling decoupling and media anchoring in the interconnection between networks or IP-PBXs.
NetMatch-S is qualified for the integration of Voice Microsoft Lync 2013 in enterprise and service provider networks (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/lync/gg131938.aspx). For incumbent and hosted service providers, which are adopting MS Lync Server 2013 in order to deliver unified communications services for enterprise customers, NetMatch-S is the suitable product to: simplify signaling interoperability, overcome audio and HD video codec incompatibility, ease service quality and security issues occurring into a SIP trunk interconnection.

Enabling the evolution to SDN, NetMatch-S can play an important role within the centralized control of IP network infrastructures, enabling network dynamic management and reconfiguration with significant CapEx and OpEx savings, improved Time-to-market and service differentiation capability.

NetMatch-S is a cloud ready SBC. It exploits cloud elasticity dynamically allocating resources, depending on the effective needs. NetMatch-S is designed to run on different hypervisors, as VMware vSphere, KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and can be managed by different/multiple Cloud Orchestrators, as Windows Azure, VMware vCloud Director,  Microsoft System Center 2012 and OpenStack.

NetMatch-S powerful GUI is designed to simplify configuration operations, adhering the three-click rule (to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks) and providing wizards for most common tasks.

Italtel offers 3 NetMatch-S editions for full coverage of market segments; each edition has a different platform, aiming to be effective on a cost-per-session basis. NetMatch-S product range offers capabilities that are similar but differentiated in terms of scale and performance; NetMatch-S runs even in virtual environment.




The 3 editions of NetMatch-S are:













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