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Centralized Routing & Policing

i - RPS


In the path to all-IP communications Service Providers and Enterprise need powerful solutions to save time and money rely on a centralized management of distributed network intelligence.
Centralized functionality capable of collecting and computing the required data and, consequently, providing routing and policies based on the Service Provider’s requirements is crucial to allow time-to-market differentiating services necessary to lead the communications market.
The brain of next generation IP networks is the Italtel i-RPS product: the result of a continuous evolution of previously designed and deployed Routing & Policy management solutions.


Italtel’s solution supplies its capabilities to all kind of networks allowing dramatically reduced OpEx, provides resource optimization through optimal routing and SLA definition and management.
The i-RPS, designed to compete in the IMS arena, has also been equipped in order to allow control of the legacy TDM and IP systems allowing a smooth migration of a multi-technology network towards an homogeneous full IP solution preserving investments while exploiting the overall potential.
Routing and Policy centralized management enabling differentiating services solutions and strong OpEx reduction and High Scalability due to centrally managed policy and routing databases.
The i-RPS can interwork with any vendor’s SBC and Network Element in order to provide a complete IP Network-To-Network solution providing routing and policy centralization.

Technical Description

i-RPS has been designed in order to enable centralized control of any inter-networks and intra-networks routing providing a single point of access to the overall traffic and policy management. The most relevant features are:

  • Multi-protocol support:
  • Advanced Number & Domain analysis
  • Domain & media routing, origin based routing, numbers manipulation, … 
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Priority routing, time-based routing, volume based routing, automatic re-routing, …
  • BrokeringService
  • External/internal access, number portability, screening services, …
  • Multi-homed Solution
  • Single point of provisioning, configuration replica

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