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Forging the Future

Innovation is the watchword of any company that wants to maintain its competitive advantage and grow.

For Italtel innovation is knowing and driving technological developments that are the basis of the way we communicate.
To take advantage of the new services and new applications that today's technology makes available to us, ever more advanced devices are needed but also, in parallel, more intelligent, secure, reliable, broad networks.
It is necessary to find new and safer ways to transport, manage and protect the enormous amount of data and information that cross the networks at any time in order to bring innovation within public administration and businesses, to use technology to protect the environment and improve the quality of everyone’s life.
Next-generation networks and services evolution is the focus of Italtel’s innovation efforts. And integration, quality and reliability are its watchwords.
To find out more about Italtel vision on some technological issues download the white paper.

• WebRTC for Telcos
Virtualization for VoIP Telecommunication
Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)


Italia Lab: join forces to boost Italian innovation

Italtel, among the protagonists of Italian technological innovation, is one of the authors of the initiative Italia Lab, the intercompany laboratory that aims to boost the made in Italy ICT innovation.
Some of the underlying principles of ItaliaLab are: supporting cooperation among companies, encouraging cross industry contamination; taking radical innovation out of the company perimeter with spin in strategies, enhancing university technological research for innovation.
Also Italtel participates to Italia Lab collaborative ICT driven lab, formed by 100 innovators from companies (representing ICT supply and demand) and Universities, organized into intercompany groups and committed to develop radical innovation through a selective stage-gate process (fail quick) with market feedbacks.


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